New Release: Mobile Browser Monitoring Platform

As the wave of global web traffic accessed by mobile devices has begun to surge, Dotcom-Monitor has rolled out its mobile browser monitoring platform.

Mobile Browser Traffic on the Rise

The wave of global web traffic accessed by mobile devices has begun to surge. With that in mind, Dotcom-Monitor has rolled out its mobile browser monitoring of Apple devices, such as iPad, iPhone, iPhone4, iPhone5, iPodTouch4, iPodTouch5, iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPadMini, etc (Android devices coming soon).

Several data points noting the growing wave of mobile browser usage, notably:

  • Mobile phones account for 17% of global web usage, Aug. 2013, StatCounter
  • U.S. mobile internet usage has doubled between 2009 and 2013, going from one-third to two thirds of cell-phone owning Americans, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. (Moreover, according to Pew, mobile is a primary way to access the Internet for 21% of users.)
Mobile Browser Monitoring
Desktop vs Mobile Browser Usage – Jan 2013 – Jan 2014

Several statistics of worldwide internet usage gathered by StatCounter and others continue to point to the continued dominance of desktop traffic. For example, according to StatCounter, desktop usage still dominates internet usage at 76.1% as of December 2013. However, the trend towards mobile internet access is growing in speed and volume. In particular, access to the internet by tablets is dominated by Apple with 74.5% of all tablet activity, according to StatCounter. However, the perception that tablets are themselves overtaking PCs and desktops is in part based on individual biases and personal access habits. In fact, according to StatCounter, only 5% of all Internet usage is access via a tablet.

Dotcom-Monitor Adds Mobile Browser Monitoring to Platform Lineup

As access to the Internet via mobile devices has increased mobile and web application usage, and has proliferated mobile browser monitoring as a key element in ensuring uptime, availability, and performance.  With the addition of mobile browser monitoring to its dozens of other online monitoring tools, Dotcom-Monitor provides a unified platform for monitoring both the infrastructure performance and  user experience of web applications, websites, and Internet infrastructure that uses mobile, desktop, and tablet internet access.

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To see how your website loads via a mobile browser – run our free instant test: Also check out this post on the latest mobile speed update from Google.

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