Can Your Business Survive a Website Outage? The True Cost of Downtime.

What is the true cost of a website outage? Today's digital economy operations require round-the-clock uptime as the amount of revenue generated by e-businesses is growing at a phenomenal rate. Consider the following…

What Does a Website Outage Cost Your Business?Today’s digital economy operations require round-the-clock uptime as the amount of revenue generated by e-businesses is growing at a phenomenal rate. Consider the following…

The Cost of 30 Minutes of Amazon Downtime

When it rains it pours and consumers experienced a bout of inclement weather last month when two major titans—Google and Amazon—succumbed to significant downtime. On Friday, Aug. 19, Google temporarily went down, costing the company 40 percent of its daily web traffic.

The stormy cloud hit Amazon next. The website outage, tracked by Dotcom-Monitor, lasted 30 minutes and precluded visitors from accessing both and It was a huge blow for Amazon, a company that had not experienced a major outage since June of 2008; that outage cost the company an anticipated $31,000 per minute, according to Forbes. Based on Amazon’s 2012 net sales—which were $61.09 billion in 2012—industry pundits predict that this year’s website outage cost the ecommerce giant anywhere about $66,240 per minute.

Website Monitoring Can Help

Whether you are a fledging ecommerce company or a fully-baked provider like Amazon, the periods of downtime prove one thing: downtime does not discriminate. Therefore, investing in the appropriate website monitoring solution is of the utmost importance.

Not only does the right offering safeguard you from financial loss, but it also protects your reputation as remaining up—no matter your line of business—is critically important with your competitor’s website always a click away.

How to Survive a Website Outage

Here at Dotcom-Monitor, we grant customers peace of mind with our ServerView Monitoring solution, which keeps a watchful eye on your websites, servers, web applications and network services 24/7 by sending real-time alerts about their performance. Here’s a look at some of the features:

  • Check URL availability, broken links, site certificates and timeout thresholds
  • Use SOAP to ensure that your web services are available to your end users
  • Test port-specific connectivity via TCP or UDP protocols

Whenever an issue is detected, from an isolated instance to a full website outage, Dotcom-Monitor will send immediate alerts to your IT staff, pinpointing the root cause so that your team can get things up and running faster, minimizing downtime and protecting revenues generated by e-business.

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Don’t wait until your business is faced with a revenue killing website outage. For more about how our website monitoring solutions can protect your business, click here.

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