Web Stress, Slow Websites & Your Brain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is your slow website giving your customers "web stress"? Studies show 57% of online consumers will abandon a slow page after just 3 seconds.

Web Stress – How Fast is Fast Enough?

Is your slow website giving your customers “web stress”? Studies show 57% of online consumers will abandon a slow page after just 3 seconds.

The infographic below, by our Internet web performance colleagues at Strangeloop, demonstrates what happens to your brain when it experiences a slow website…

{Click on the infographic to download a high-res version}

So, how do you deal with “web stress”? (personally, I start yelling at the screen if a website hits my 3+ second load time threshold – but here at Dotcom-Monitor we can be a little extreme when it comes to web performance)

We’d love to hear your comments below.

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Web Stress – How Fast is Fast Enough? This Is Your Brain on a Slow Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

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