Testing Behind the Great Firewall of China | What Does My Website Look Like from China?

The Great Firewall Test utilizes an Internet Explorer browser that originates from Shanghai, China and travels to the target website. The website monitoring test is free and determines if a website (or specific elements of a website) are filtered out by the “Great Firewall of China.”

Dotcom-Monitor Launches Browser-Driven Testing Behind The Great Firewall of China

Great Firewall Test

Spring Park, Minnesota – Mar. 6, 2012 – Dotcom-Monitor announced the immediate availability of a unique, free online tool that tests the performance of websites from behind the Great Firewall of China. Originating from Shanghai, China, testing behind the Great Firewall of China essentially answers the question: “What does my website look like for someone who browses to it from China (behind the firewall)?

Testing Behind the Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China is a filtering project operated by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), a division of the People’s Republic of China.

Dotcom-Monitor’s China Firewall Test utilizes a browser that originates from Shanghai, China and travels to the target website. The test determines if a website, or specific elements, are filtered out by the Great Firewall of China.

Currently, the Great Firewall of China filters out many well-known URLs, including Facebook and Blogger.  Furthermore, these URLs, and many others, are also commonly included as third-party components of many other websites. As a result, queries to filtered URLs originating from within Shanghai, China will result in the following error message: “Access Denied: You don’t have permission to access “https(s)://www.TheTargetedWebsite.com/” on this server.”

Instant Worldwide Performance Testing

In addition to testing behind the Great Firewall of China, users can choose from over 20 other worldwide locations. As a result, this makes it one of the most comprehensive browser-driven testing tools on the Internet. To try it for yourself, visit Dotcom-Tools

“The China Firewall test is an absolutely free service that provides a snapshot of a website’s speed and performance and whether the website, or aspects of a website, are being filtered” said Vadim Mazo, founder and Chief Technical Officer at Dotcom-Monitor. “It helps website administrator’s see their website as it appears for users originating from within the Great Firewall of China.  Therefore, testing behind the Great Firewall of China allows administrators to make informed decisions about their website design.”

Click here to test your website behind the Great Firewall of China.

For more information, contact sales at Dotcom-Monitor, 888-479-0741 or email at sales(at)dotcom-monitor.com.

About Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor is a worldwide external monitoring solution.  The solution reduces the risk of downtime and performance issues that impact an organization’s online bottom-line revenue and reputation. It brings together monitoring, reporting, notification, escalation, and analysis in a combination that best suits your needs. To learn more about UserView monitoring, user experience, website monitoring, network monitoring, and server monitoring services, as well as web load stress testing services, visit www.dotcom-monitor.com


[ The Great Wall of China (萬里長城) photo credit: thewamphyri via photopin cc ]

China Firewall Test

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