February 27, 2014 – Experiencing Issues (Resolved)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

4:45am – Dotcom-Monitor is currently experiencing issues. We are aware of the situation and currently working on a resolution. If you have questions about your account or your service, please Contact Us.

8:30am – Dotcom-Monitor has resolved the issues. Details to follow.

As you may already know, Dotcom-Monitor experienced an partial outage starting around 4:30am CST which was resolved by 8:30am CST.  A faulty piece of hardware within the SAN storage system was the reason for the issue. The hardware problem resulted in a database  slowdown and as a result the database was unable to keep up with all the requests, which resulted in monitoring gaps in some devices. Dotcom-Monitor finds this type of incident unacceptable for the clients we serve.

We are truly sorry this incident occurred and sincerely regret any inconvenience or uncertainty it may cause you, our clients. Because we truly value you as a client and your trust and confidence is important to us we are taking additional steps to guard against this type of issue in the future. Notably, we have escalated the issue with the SAN vendor, we immediately provisioned a new SAN for installation. It is estimated that it will take a few days to migrate to the new SAN hardware. At this time, we plan to complete a  live migration without downtime. However, if it is necessary to take the system down to move to a new hardware, we will notify clients in advance. Also, because the nature of the issue was intermittent and concerned some clients and not others we are also addressing the issue directly with each client.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty to Dotcom-Monitor. Going forward, Dotcom-Monitor will be providing updates on the incident as additional details arise. Additionally, you can check with your Dotcom-Monitor account manager and with the Support team (Support>Trouble ticket, support(at)dotcom-monitor.com, 1-888-479-0741) for additional information about this incident if you have further questions.

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