Facebook Website Speed Test from Around the World [Infographic]

Facebook is the world’s second most popular site. Each day hundreds of millions of users log-on to Facebook creating huge traffic loads. To better understand how Facebook meets this challenge we analyzed how quickly Dotcom-Monitor’s Facebook Page fully loads in a browser from several worldwide locations. To acquire this data we used BrowserView Monitoring™, which was set to use an Internet Explorer browser, monitoring every 30 minutes for five days.

See the Facebook Website Speed Test from Around the World Infographic below:

Facebook Website Speed Test

Facebook Website Speed Test from Around the World [Infographic]

Results: As you can see, the Shanghai monitoring location’s load of the Dotcom-Monitor Facebook page was blocked by the “Great Firewall of China” resulting in a failure, the San Francisco monitoring location recorded the fastest load time at 1.74 sec., and the worldwide average was 4.453 seconds.

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Website Speed Test: If you would like to run your own test, see our Free Website Speed Test Tool.

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  1. Nice infographic, congratulations. I see you have made serious tests getting amazing results. I’d like to comment that here in Mexico, Facebook tends to load slow at least once a week. I don’t have a statistical background to prove my statement, but according to my browsing habits, there are spans of 5-10 minutes where photos and thumbs don’t load at all. I’ve observed this in different computers and locations (2 different ISPs) and still I could replicate what I’m saying.

    Maybe it’s just that Latin America has bad quality connections, even in 2012 :)

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